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# Release Notes

# v3.0.1-beta.1

Date: 11/13/2023下载 (opens new window)


  • Supports automatic collection of JPush, FCM Tokens and related events

# v3.0.0.1

Date: 11/27/2023下载 (opens new window)


  • Fixed multi-instance bug

# v3.0.0

Date: 11/01/2023 下载 (opens new window)


  • Code specifications and comment specifications
  • Fixed errorProperties error in debug mode
  • Fixed ta_app_start event time delay issue
  • Fixed the issue where flush would not be called when exiting the background without turning on automatic collection.
  • androidId delayed acquisition

# v2.8.6

Date: 08/25/2023下载 (opens new window)


  • Compatible with Android 14
  • Fixed the issue where the install event is lost due to the child process being initialized first.

# v2.8.5

Date: 06/02/2023下载 (opens new window)


  • API asynchronous
  • Push the ops field as a preset attribute

# v2.8.4

Date: 04/13/2023下载 (opens new window)


  • Time-consuming optimization of some APIs
  • Bug fix

# v2.8.3.3

Date: 03/22/2023


  • Support automatic recycling of push click events

# v2.8.3.2

Date: 02/08/2023


  • Fixed the problem of missing ta_app_end event

# v2.8.3

Date: 11/10/2022


  • Supports ignoring browsing events of Activity in third-party AAR
  • Optimize the calling timing of the get network status interface, and only re-obtain the network status when the network status changes.
  • Refactoring
  • Bug fix

# v2.8.2

Date: 9/22/2022


  • Updated preset property #device_type
  • Updated the interface through which mobile phone region information could be obtained

Optimize some codes

# v2.8.1

Date: 6/8/2022


  • Adjusted external interface configuration
  • Added the function of sensitive property isolation
  • Forbade the start event triggered by the background by default, which could be enabled through configuration
  • Optimize certain functions
  • Fixed existing bugs

# v2.8.0

Date: 4/20/2022


  • Supported third-party data ingestion
  • Added user_uniqAppend interface
  • Added the encryption function
  • Supported suspending & starting data tracking; optimized data tracking stop interface
  • Optimized SDK performance
  • Fixed existing bugs

# v2.7.6.1

Date: 2/7/2022


  • Updated logic related to traceless data tracking
  • Fixed some existing problems

# v2.7.6

Date: 1/28/2022


  • Supported ASM traceless data tracking

# v2.7.5

Date: 1/17/2022


  • Added preset properties #install_time/#app_version/#simulator/#ram/#disk/#fps/#start_reason
  • Added timing event property #background_duration
  • Added SDK configuration files to control preset property switch
  • Added auto-tracking call-back
  • Optimized some code logic