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# 二次開発ツール

# Overview

In version 2.8, the original data deletion tool is merged into the developer tools.

ta-toolis a developer tool for TA privatized clusters. It provides a variety of user-friendly developer functions. The existing functions are:

  • Data deletion
  • Property type modification and deletion
  • Event data deduplication
  • Import custom data, custom data can be combined with event table and user info table through SQL
  • Delete custom table
  • Generate the query key, through which the user can call the query API through the POST method
  • Set up scripts that execute regularly, query the data in the TA background through SQL, and write it back to the TA database
  • Set up scripts that execute regularly, and write the data from the data sources it supports into the TA database through DataX engine
  • Data archiving and data reloading

# Usage

Log in to any TA server, execute the su - ta command, switch to the ta user, and execute ta-tool to view the command help, which is displayed as follows:

# Function List

The following are the main functions of the developer tools. You can click hyperlink to view the relevant function doc:

  1. Data deletion

  2. Metadata management

  3. Event data deduplication

  4. Custom table import

  5. External user property association import

  6. Delete custom table

  7. Data backtrack

  8. Data archiving and reloading

  9. DataX engine